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Happy snapping. Follow me for odd photos of colours, things I find inspiring and the occassional picture of Frederick the great.

PhD research

In October 2015 I began a three year PhD at University of the West of England, researching Colour Management in the digital textile printing process. It's a really exciting opportunity to look in depth at the role colour plays in textile design and how modern processes can contribute to designers re-skilling and taking control in the manufacturing process,and confidently produce their own work. You can read more about my research plans over on the Centre for Fine Print Research's website.

New Studio Space

I have recently moved into my new workshop in Bristol at Hamilton House. After a mad dash to ikea to kit it all out plus a friendly local carpenter making some ace trestles to do upholstery work upon, I feel right at home and am busy banging chairs. Find me on twitter to see recent step by step photos for two 1910 lounge chairs with big loopy arms. Twitter Becky

Cyanotype printing

Ever one for using unusual sources for inspiration, I've been spending time in the Wellcome Trust library. Partly for their free wifi but also for the amazing library catalogue which offers continuous inspiration.

Searching randomly I came across Anna Atkins, a pioneer of photographical methods in the late 19th century. Her 'blue prints' of seaweeds are magical to look at, as each book was printed individually, because of the nature of cyanotypes prints are one offs, few were made and fewer have survived but the Wellcome Trust holds a copy in their vaults. If you can make a time to go and see it do so.

Barbara Chandler - Evening Standard

Barbara Chandler writes about design for the Evening Standard Homes and Property section. She singled out my Albert Cushions for her piece here.







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